Athlete Profiles Archive

Almost monthly, we profile athletes here at They answer ten to twenty questions and we post the results. Here's the list of everyone who's participated so far- click on the name to see the profile.

April 2008: Meaghan Searfoss

March 2008: Mike Kane

February 2008:  Rob Straznitskas

January 2008:  Ray Houle

November 2007:  Ed Sparkowski

October 2007:  Matt Weiss

September 2007:  alan macdougall

August 2007:  Scott 'Scooter' Forster

July 2007:  John 'Baker' Morris

June 2007:  Pam Morrow

May 2007:  Mark Foster

April 2007:  Margaret and Tom Coffey

March 2007:  Bruce Cook

February 2007:  Mark Misencik

December 2006: Margit MacDougall

November 2006: Frank Salvo

October 2006: John Brennan

August 2006: John Wilson

July 2006:  Angela Forster

May 2006: Jeff Molson

April 2006: Jeff Juergens

March 2006: Reenie Parker

February 2006: Gus Ellison


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