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Tucson Camp 2014

EH 5th Annual Tucson Camp

March 1st through March 8th, 2014

Come join us for the 5th running of this world class camp.  We have been hosting triathlon and fitness camps since 2000.  Our mission is to provide a fun, challenging, rewarding experience.  Yes, we want you to experience something that you normally wouldn’t at home, otherwise, why attend a camp?  Besides learning about you personally from our educated, excellent staff, you will train in one of the best, most beautiful, challenging training venues in Tucson, Arizona.


We accommodate all abilities at this camp, from beginner to advanced.  Our motto is “Check your ego at the door”.  What we strive for is to have every attendee challenge themselves throughout the camp and learn more about what they are capable of.  A training camp should be one of the highlights of your year.  We realize that our athletes are taking time away from their work and family to attend one of these camps and it’s our goal to make this a tremendous learning experience for them. 

The weather at this camp is typically spectacular.  For those thinking of attending from colder climates, it’s a great break from the harsh winter.  Being able to ride and run outside in short sleeves in early Marc is a pleasure  Swimming in an outdoor pool sure beats the indoor dungeons of cold climate pools.

Here is what you get:

  • Swimming, cycling, running, strength training, massage in an incredible setting
  • Discussions on nutrition, goal setting, bike fit, motivation, training protocols, setting up training zones, and personalizing all this
  • Working personally with the excellent coaching staff
  • Sag support on rides and runs
  • Nutrition support during training
  • Lots of laughs and memories

Why attend this camp?  Why not just go up and train on the course on your own, or go to another camp?  First, we have been hosting camps for longer than most other coaches have been coaches.  We know the surrounding area, roads and trails and do some epic training that is incredibly scenic, fun, and challenging!  The camaraderie and friendships you will make at our camps creates an experience much more fun and rewarding and lasting than just training.  Plus, you will be more motivated when you return home to train and will gain a fitness edge that will impact the quality of the late winter, early spring training sessions.

Cost: $690.00 (does not include hotel or main meals. 

We will be staying at the beautiful Westin La Paloma Resort in Sabino Canyan..  Please contact them at      and reserve your room under our very special rate.  Book your room under EH Coaching and Training. 

A $200.00 deposit is required to reserve your spot for camp. 

Checks can be made out to:  Eric Hodska Training and sent to 18 Old Mine Lane, or you can pay via credit card through paypal at

Don’t miss out on a simple seven days that can propel you to another level!

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