February 2008 Athlete Profile- Robert Straznitskas

Athlete Of The Month Profile

  1. Name : Rob “BaBa Booey” Straznitskas
  2. How long have you been training for and racing in Triathlons?  Wow.. I’m old. I’ve been doing them since 1993.
  3. What is your favorite aspect of the sport? In the beginning it was seeing the improvements in competing. Although that still is a major part of it, now it’s more seeing others getting into the sport as well as the overall fitness benefits from not turning into a major lazy piece of crapola. Also, the people in this sport are generally open minded, fun people.
  4. What do you consider your biggest athletic achievement? I can’t narrow it down. It’d either be my one good trip to Kona in ’01 coming in 323rd, my 9:55 in Placid or getting the last slot to Kona in Wisconsin ’02 after 2 flat tires and running as hard as I could to the finish.
  5. What are your big goals for 2008? Three half irons. Really I just want to get back to a respectable level after 2 years of injury and career building. I’d like to do Placid and/or IM UK in ‘09
  6. Give us a life goal outside of the sport you want to do:  Either play “Guess What’s in Sal’s Pouch?” or “Win Fred’s Money”
  7. What’s your favorite meal? Gourmet pizza, fresh sushi and Newcastle beer. Lots of them.
  8. What’s your favorite movie?  Can’t pick one.. Wedding Crashers, Old School, Kingpin, Dumb and Dumber for comedies, Shawshank Redemption, Rain Main and Seven for others. Oh, horror flicks – love em: Saw, Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
  9. Any other hobbies? Listening to Howard Stern nonstop, entertaining nieces and nephews, going to movies, drinking beer, people watching.
  10. Where is the best place you have visited? Hawaii and my current home Maine. Idaho is nice as well.
  11. If you could visit one place this year, where would it be?  New Zealand.
  12. What’s your favorite workout? I’d have to be a lake swim followed by breakfast then a hilly 10 mile run.
  13. Who’s your inspiration? Dad: 2:21 marathoner.           
  14. If you could train with one person for a day, who would it be? Some of them female high jumpers and pole vaulters. Holy Jesus…..
  15. What three things would you bring with you if you were to be dropped on a deserted Island (not counting family)? Water purification kit, rubix cube, dirty magazines.
  16. Any other words of wisdom? Slow down to smell the roses sometimes, life is short. Also, stop talking so much, you’re annoying the hell out of everyone.


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