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If you've ever wondered what a triathlon camp is like, or you looking motivation for attending a camp, or just like cool videos, well, any of those would be a great reason to check out this year's CT Camp video...

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Living in New England gives one an appreciation for the change of seasons.  As much as we may enjoy a particular season, often there is that feeling of good riddance to the one on the way out.  Such is usually the case for me when winter wraps up for the year ... 

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I started competitive swimming very young. In high school I became a successful Cross-Country runner, and highly ranked distance swimmer. When I was 15 a friend of mine Trevor Heller got me to try out triathlons. I was hooked from the first race (Pat Griskus Sprint Triathlon....

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Big Rocks

I was thinking recently about motivation and achievement.  I mean if someone sets a goal, reaches it, gets some satisfaction and moves on, this is what our society expects.  As a country we are all about conquering new territories.  What we don't understand as much is the person who keeps coming back for more. 

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