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Eric Hodska

Personal Training

Thank you for your interest in my personalized coaching. I have acquired a great deal of experience in exercise physiology, nutrition, and athletic training over the past 20 years, and I am extremely passionate about endurance athletics. This experience enables me to assist in developing a program that will specifically put you on a path towards achieving your biggest athletic, and life, goals. I am confident that, together, we can make this coming season/year one of the most positive, fulfilling experiences of your life! I realize that there are plenty of coaches and trainers to choose from, and I’m confident there are very few with my experience and credentials.
Coaching Service: I am only working with 20 athletes personally during 2010. I will personalize every individual athletes program to provide optimum results based on ones genetics, goals, career, social life, personality, and experience. My services will consist of weekly e-mailed schedules, and unlimited contact through e-mail and/or phone. Periodically, we will meet to test, evaluate, and discuss training, racing, and any other questions or concerns. If you are not at a close location to me, we will do this by phone.

Cost: $250.00 per month, or $225.00 per month if attending one of my camps during 2010.

Evaluation Profile: Consists of coming to my house and going through the following evaluation: Interview, health profile, heart rate testing on bicycle and in running, target heart rate range assignment, form and efficiency evaluation of cycling and running, proper bike position, nutrition analysis, flexibility assessment, body composition analysis, A customized exercise log is included. This evaluation profile takes approximately 3 hours. Cost: $300.00

Personal Training: I will come to your home/location and train you for 1 hour at $130.00/hr. (Must be within 40 mile range from my office).

Please contact me at (203)258-5101 with any questions, or e-mail me at with any questions. Also, contact me if you are interested in a personal strength training program, or health/fitness related seminar for your company, corporation, group…

Prepare to reach a new level!

Eric Hodska

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